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Program Handbook

What actually happens at a YAA Program? Each station is described below.

Aviation In-the-Know

How much do you know about aviation? Challenge yourself and each other while answering various questions covering almost all aspects of aviation.


How does an aircraft engine work? What is the difference between a piston engine and a jet engine, and why an engine may or may not be important to keep an aircraft in the air.

Airport Operations

How does an airport operate? Learn about the various markings and signs found in the airport environment.


What makes an airplane fly? What generates lift, and how do the 4 forces act on an airplane?

Instrument Panel

Learn all about what all the instruments in the flight deck, what they are used to determine, and why.


How do we determine an aircraft is safe to fly? What is the pilot looking for when performing a pre-flight?
Discover how to pre-flight an aircraft using an actual aircraft.

Careers in Aviation

How one would become a pilot? What are the necessary steps and what are the different routes to take in order to earn the various pilot ratings and certificates?


Create a foam glider from the template, and see for yourself how various forces act on an aircraft in flight.

Flight Simulator

Use your knowledge of aviation to fly aircraft simulators with Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Airport Firefighter

What do firefighters have to do with airport operations, and how do they keep the airport safe? The Columbus Fire Department answers these questions and more, bringing a truck with them for display.