Robert C. Banasik has been an active part of the biannual programs at OSU since the earliest days in 1997, serving as Discussion Leader, Group Host, Treasurer and Executive Committee Member. Bob wanted to be a pilot since age 5. He thought he would go to the Naval Academy and fly off carriers, but at age 10, glasses intervened and that mission was scrubbed. His interest in flying did not wane but many years intervened before he was to actually begin flying in 1985. Since then he has flown continuously. Professionally, Bob has celebrated over 37 years in the Nursing Home profession and is the President of Omnilife Health Care Systems, Inc., president of Equity Management Inc., president of Banasik Associates, founder of Care&Host (2016), and with two partners, founder of Steriatrics (2017). He has published over one hundred articles and holds two patents and one patent pending. If that’s not enough, he is Professor Emeritus at Capital University and Adjunct Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. Bob organizes a weekly Sunday breakfast fly-in meet-up to enjoy local airport fare.